New Egg Ring 4-Pk, Silicone Egg Rings

New Egg Ring 4-Pk, Silicone Egg Rings

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1.         NO MORE MESSY EGG FILLED PANS - A nonstick silicone egg ring will stop your eggs spreading out to fill and stick to your frying pan.


2.         A round egg ring gives you room in a skillet for bacon, sausage, tomatoes, hash browns and all those delicious breakfast greats!


3.         SAVE TIME WITH AN EASIER BREAKFAST - Now an egg shaper means you keep your eggs under control and save time by cooking everything in one pan and at one time.


4.         Simplify large breakfasts and save time to get on with what you want to do and not what the cooker tells you!


5.         with a set of silicone egg ring molds containing no BPA are 100 Percent FDA approved high-quality silicone.