Metal Double Glide Shower Curtain Ring/Hooks

Metal Double Glide Shower Curtain Ring/Hooks

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l  Features:  RUST RESISTANT and FRICTION FREE for easy glide

l  Function:  These rings feature specially engineered spherical balls to reduce friction and allow effortless gliding across the rod with virtually no effort at all

l  Package Include:  12 shower curtain hooks

l  Product Description: The heavy duty brass and durable stainless steel construction allows years of use in the harsh bathroom elements. The 100% pure stainless steel, non-magnetic metal(Type 304) is corrosion-free, meaning it will last indoors and outdoors without rusting

l   Material: stainless steel

l  Color: metal color

l  Size: 0.2 x 1.8 x 3 inches

l  Item Type: shower curtain hooks

l  Package: 12 shower curtain hooks