Online Layaway on is very simple. You shop just like you would on any other website. Upon check out, are can choose between 3-6 months to pay off your item(s). No credit check. Simply make monthly payments. 

You can always just buy the items as well here on

How do I know what the monthly payments will be? 

In order to find out what your monthly payments will be on your item(s), you will have to add that product to your shopping cart and go through the check out process. Before your final step you will see. To get a rough idea, just divide the price of the item(s) by the months you want to put on layaway. 3-6 months.


We offer two ways to make monthly payments. 

1. Using PayPal or Credit/Debit card upon check out. 

2. Send Check or Money order by mail. (All funds must clear prior to any shipping of goods). 

Also, if you find something anywhere on the internet and you want to put that item on layaway, you can use our contact page and send us the URL and as long as it follows our website regulations, we will add that item to our website. 

What is different about

We are glad you asked. does not actually hold or reserve any physical product(s). We are simply a new way to help you save up for items you want and help you save up for them. 

Once the item(s) are paid for, we make the purchase on your behalf and either ship it to your home or depending on the item(s), you can even pick them up at your local stores such as 'Best Buy, Target, Macy, the Buckle' and thousands more! 

This site and service it to help those people such as yourself who do not a) have the credit or b) have the money all at once to make your purchase.



There is a 1.9% Service Charge through our Lay-Buy program on top of the price of the product(s) you put on layaway. 1.9% is only $1.90 Cents per $100. 

ISF - Insufficient Payment through check will be charge a $45 fee for all returned checks.

What about refunds? 

We do have a 15% Refund policy on any early cancellations. Returned funds can take up to 2 weeks or 14 business days. (Most of the time it is sooner). That is 15% of the payments made up to the date of cancellation. 

What about returns?

All vendors will have their own return policies and must be taken up with that individual vendor. Example: If you put something on Layaway from Sears, you would return that item to Sears for any exchange or product issue. 

Lay Me Away like's to keep things easy. We want you to own the the items you want. If you have any questions or custom requests, please reach out to us! 

Happy Shopping!